October 25 – November 9, 2019
Extend to Gheralta & Danakil Depression, Nov. 9 – 14, 2019







About This Tour

Ethiopia has a fascinating history stretching back more than 3,000 years to the fabled reign of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, and even further into the past. It is from this region that many scientists believe earliest mankind, Homo Erectus, migrated out of Africa via the Levantine corridor and the Horn of Africa to Eurasia around 1.9 million years ago. Essentially, Ethiopia is the ancestral home to all of mankind.

In the northern part of the country you will experience ancient monasteries, Castles, rock-hewn churches, steles and Ethiopia’s magnificent natural beauty. The southern part boasts many diverse and colorful cultures in the Omo Valley. This expedition takes you on an historical and cultural journey to some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia for the adventure of a lifetime.

Tour Highlights

  • Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia
  • Dorze weaving culture
  • Lake Chamo in the Rift Valley
  • Cultural Landscape of Konso *
  • Bahir Dar, center of Christian mysticism
  • Blue Nile Falls
  • Rock-hewn churches in Lalibela *
  • 17th century trading town of Gondar
  • Fasilidas Palace in Gondar Region *
  • Great East African Rift Valley
  • Tribes of the Great Rift and Plains
  • Lower Valley of the Omo, fossil site *
  • Extension – Massive Ruins of Axum *
  • Extension - Gheralta Cluster Churches
  • Extension – Dallol Volcano and Hot Springs
  • Extension – Danakil Depression
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites