Matanya Primary School in Kenya

Our Experience at the Matanya Primary School

Students at Matanya Primary School
Toto Tours conducted a safari in Kenya in September 2012. As part of that experience we participated in a humanitarian project to support a local school near Nanyuki and the Ol Pejeta Game Reserve. We were most impressed with the dedication of the principal and the teachers, and the excellent work they are doing with 250 students in spite of very minimal facilities. We brought them some basic school supplies, a soccer ball, and made a monetary donation. The children sang and danced for us, recited poetry, and inspired us with their great potential in the face of so many needs.

Students Entering for Performance
Click here to read a blog post and see photos about our visit to the school on September 10, 2012. Toto Tours will continue to support this school on an annual basis, and we encourage additional donations directly to the headmaster or through us (if you do not wish to wire money directly).

Full documentation of forwarded funds will be provided to all who donate through Toto Tours. We will pass along 100% of your contributions and not hold back any handling fees. Please review the details below, and help us to underwrite some of these pressing needs.

School Background

Students Sing for Toto Tours

The school started in 1959, and shifted to its new site in 1974. At present there are eight teachers and 250 pupils including Nursery School. There is a new permanent administration block and five permanent classrooms. All teachers are paid by the government. They have attended Teachers College after high school. The system used in Kenya is 8-4-4. In other words, eight years in Primary School, four years in High School and the last four yeaers in University. Pupils at Matanya Primary School learn six subjects: English, Kiswahili, Science, Citizenship, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

Challenges Faced

Principal Karuri Discusses Needs

There are many challenges facing the school. Many of the pupils' parents are not employed. They get their daily sustenance from small plots of land which they tend. Sometimes the rain fails and there is a shortage of food. During the dry season livestock can die and this affects the people very much. Pupils sometimes go the whole day without lunch, and this adversely affects their education. The school buildings are in great disrepair, and some need to be replaced entirely. The students sit on the dirt floor or at very rough-hewn wooden desks. Toilets are crude outhouses. There is no local or governmental assistance to remedy these situations. The school is reliant on outside assistance.

Priority Projects Needing Support

Exterior of Temporary Classrooms
1. Three permanent classrooms, each costing about $8,750

2. Lunch program for the children. A gift of $1,250 will feed 250 pupils for a whole year.

3. A gift of $875 will enable cultivation of five acres of land, planting grass as an income-generating project.

4. A gift of $750 will provide updated textbooks and exercise books for all the students for one year.

5. A greenhouse could be built with a gift of $4,375.

6. A motorbike is needed to facilitate quick communication with parents and others. A gift of $1,125 can make this a reality.

7. All donations of second-hand clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc. are most welcome!

Interior of Temporary Classrooms
8. A scholarship fund to assist students who continue on to University.

Contact and Bank Details

Principal / Headmaster: Stephen G. Karuri

Email Address:

Mailing Address: Matanya Primary School, P.O. Box 453, Nanyuki, KENYA

Telephone Number: (254) 0721733237

Bank Name: Equity Bank Limited
Address: NHIF Building, Floor 14, 1st Ngong Avenue, 00200 Nairobi
Country: KE (Kenya)
Swift Code: EQBLKENA
Branch Code: 027
Bank Account Number: 0270190087604
Beneficiary: Stephen Githinji Karuri

We look forward to working with you to make these children's dreams for their future become a reality!